Monday, January 7, 2013

Yummy Snack Time

On the nights my hubby works late I like to make a snack for my son and I before we go to bed. The other night I was running low on groceries and needed to get creative. In no time at all I whipped this together from items that needed to be used - bacon, cucumber, and cream cheese on toasted wheat.

Look at that rich layer of cream cheese... yum!

To make this delicious snack follow these simple steps:

1) Toast bread - this gives it some texture and keeps it from getting soggy when you add the other ingredients.

2) Spread desired amount of cream cheese on toast - I do it on both peices. The cream cheese acts as a moisture barrier to keep the bread crunchy and the cucumber juice away from it.

3) Layer bacon to desired level - I used 3 slices cut in half.

4) Add cucumber slices - I used five 1/8 inch slices on mine.

5) Enjoy!

Next time I make this I think I'll try some turkey on it too. Maybe some sprouts... What do you think?

I  <3  BACON!

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