Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Second January Feature - Crooked Corks Wine Racks

How is your year going so far? Have you been able to stick to your New Years resolutions? My resolutions this year were to get organized and to finish projects. I want to make a point of finishing the lovely things I started! I'll admit it, I'm already falling behind on the finishing projects but the organizing is going great!

I'll bet you've been waiting all week for the new feature artist and super secret coupon code. A new and tasty talent for you to sip up into your eager mind... Wait no longer! This week I have an especially juicy, and perhaps even fermented, treat for you.

Crooked Corks Wine Racks

Elise, the brilliant mind behind Crooked Corks, hand-crafts each wine rack sold in her online store. Her wooden wine holders are made with careful attention to detail to ensure the functionality is second only to the visual appeal. Here was what she had to say when asked why her shop is so unique:

"Crooked Corks creates custom made wine racks, wine stands, wine gift sets and wine accessories for anyone who simply enjoys a glass of wine. Our natural wood designs are made by hand and are designed to be unique, eye catching, and functional. We love exploring the different flavors and cultures wine brings to our kitchen table and taste buds. Wine is special, and so are you!"

The idea for Crooked Corks creations was born from a very special Christmas gift given to Elise by her husband a few years ago, a handmade wine rack of course! The gift brought tears to her eyes as she unwrapped it and inspired her to start her shop. Now, over 3 years later, Elise still loves selecting old, new, and recycled wood to turn into the wine accessories she will sell in her store. You can find Crooked Corks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Wanelo in addition to their Etsy Store.

You have to check out these gorgeous hand crafted wine racks! Order from them now and receive 10% off your entire purchase with the Special Coupon Code BLOGTIME.

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Tune in next week for a great feature on Angelinas Avenue
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