Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year - New Ideas

2013 brought a lot of changes in my life, both personal and professional. I put all my efforts into moving forward in as many ways as I could and it paid off.

What I did last year that I am proud of:
- Making an effort to network more for my company.
- Taking chances that didn't pan out financially but allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and experience.
- Asking others for help in areas they excelled at where I would have had difficulty.
- Meeting my online sales goals that I set for the year.

What I would like to improve upon this year:
- Offering more options for my company and eliminating options that don't sell well.
- Launch the new website with a shopping cart and better design.
- Take more product photos. LOTS more.
- Increase sales by 25%.

Share your successes from last year and the changes you plan to make this year in the comments below!

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