Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For the Birds

Baby bird I found behind my trash cans
Yesterday was kind of inspiring. I found a baby bird in my house yesterday. I managed to snap a few pictures before I grabbed a cardboard box to transport him outside. Poor little guy was pretty freaked out.

I was fixing to empty my vaccume cleaner and put some things outside when I noticed him on my front steps. He didn't look hurt so I decided to leave him where he was since he seemed content. I guess I didn't notice him fly inside while I was doing stuff and even though I looked for him when I came back in I didn't see him right then.

I went about my day as usual and a few hours later decided to let my son play with the ferret. Oz, the sweetest ferret alive, is one of my sons favorite toys. I kept having to remove the ferret from the corner where I keep my trash cans. He seemed really interested in it and was getting more worked up than normal. I thought maybe there was a bug back there he wanted to get at so I put him back in his cage for a moment to grab a tissue for whatever bug I thought he cornered.

He hopped away quickly when I set him down outside
When I moved the trash can I saw this poor little bird.  I can only imagine what that ferret looked like to him while he was trapped in that corner. He gave me a few peeps and tried to fly showing me that his wings were healthy, just not mature. I grabbed a cardboard box knowing I shouldn't touch him with my hands and herded him into it. He chirped and squeaked all the way to the spot where I plopped him outside.

He looked at me with surprise as if he just knew I was going to eat him and then hopped his way away from me as quick as possible. Momma bird and several others swarmed the area. They had missed him.

One of the adult birds that kept watch
I checked on him during the day to see if he had managed to get off the ground but he mostly just sat next to the front stairs kind of hidden until my husband came home. As dark neared his fellow birds kept coming back to him and encouraging him to climb into the trees and rose bushes. I watched for a while as panicking mama bird frantically pushed him from behind to go higher and higher. Each time he would fall out of the tree a different bird would swoop down to help him up and keep making him try.
I need to clean behind the trash cans...

I stepped away for a bit to make dinner and when I returned to the window I had been watching him from I saw him no where. The mass of angry birds had gone as well. I hope he made it to safety but I will probably never know. I'm just glad I got the opportunity to witness such inspiring and heart warming teamwork in nature. Maybe someday he will come sit on my doorstep to sing. I'ld like to think so anyways.

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