Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Girl

Project One

I've been constantly pinning lovely pictures full of ideas on how to plant useful greens in recycled things. These gardens are all very inventive in the ways that they find to transform ordinary trash into marvelous containers of life. They conjure up visions in my head of how I can transform an empty entry way, use recycle things from around the house, and save my family money on groceries. Today, all of these lovely visions saw a chance to bloom.

As my mother and I shopped I told her about my dreams of having a tiny garden in my unused entry way. The small room is 5' x 8' and completely occupied by concrete stairs rendering it mostly storage right now. The windows are huge though and let in plenty of light and the walls are a lovely semi-flat white. I told my mom of 2-litter bottles turned into hanging planters and egg cartons used to start seeds. I talked of worn out bra's and rain boots with holes all filled to the brim with soil and plants.

"So buy some seeds and start a garden." Mom said.

"Alright, they sell seeds here. I will."

My husband agreed that if it gets too cold in the "green room" this winter we can find a small heater with an auto shut off feature to keep it warm. The electric bill shouldn't be nearly as much as our produce bill the last few months.

This afternoon I carefully set a bunch of tiny seeds into 1" tall Terra Cotta pots and set them in the window to grow. Tommorrow, I will take the 2-litters of Pepsi I saved and start prepping them for the next phase of growth. By the time my little herb garden is ready to transplant hopefully I will have plenty of hanging planters to put them in.

Current Project Expenses: $4.07  - seeds and starter soil

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