Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Do I Make Tipis in a Series?

Lacing Pin Strip on a Tiny Tipi accented with Rose Petals
As an artist, seamstress, and tepee maker; I am inclined to find a special beauty in each thing that I create.  The artist in me strives to give a personality to each little tepee while the seamstress demands perfection in every seam. With teepees I decided to make them in a series much like a painter would make a series to show how they studied a subject from every angle. The resulting tipi cover is impressive.

What is a series?
     According to a series is:
              1. a group or connected succession of similar or related things, usually arranged in order

 I define my series by pattern and material. I research the tipis of the tribe I chose and translate it into a functioning miniature version. I then use this teepee pattern to sew as many small tepees as I can from one batch of canvas.

I buy canvas according to quality, quantity, and price. Sometimes I buy as little as 5 yards and other times I buy much more. The amount of canvas isn't as important to me as the properties of it. One cut of fabric becomes a single series of tiny teepees. In this way each tepee becomes a work of art even when the canvas is blank.

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