Monday, March 12, 2012

The Start of Something Charitable

A disable dog in China is equipped with a cart to help him walk
There are many reasons people give to charity. Some people like to help others, some like to feel like they've done a good deed, and others do it to look impressive to those around them. I'm not sure there can be a good or bad reason to help a charity. As long as a person in need is being helped the purpose of giving that help is between the person giving it and the greater good they answer to.

Adopting a dog can save it from being euthanized
I like to help because I hope that should I ever fall on hard times someone would return the favor and give me a hand. We all hit low points at some time or another. It's impossible to get through life alone. This is why when I saw a discussion thread on Etsy about artist collaborating to donate art for a proposed charity auction I joined in. Even though this idea is in the beginning phases I see a spark there, a hope of helping others. I see an even better reason to make beautiful things than I previously had. I see hope for someone in need inside the creative genius of artists brought together for a cause.

The charity it goes to doesn't concern me much honestly. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the money go to an animal rescue. Animals never try to be evil like people. Animals can't help themselves to the extent people can. The creatures of this earth that we have tamed and bred to be part of our families help us in our times of need. They give us love and friendship, never judge us, and sometimes they even save us when our life is on the line. How could man ever repay such a debt?

A Small Kitten in the Safe Hands of a Firefighter
Regardless though, I find the whole idea invigorating. Not only could multiple charities receive donations but local artist could be given an opportunity to gather together and create art in groups. I see the possibility of uniting people on so many levels! Is this not the first step toward the next phase of man kind? We all unite for a greater purpose, people come together to support each other and try to be better as a whole. There's always room for improvement! Let's never stop reaching for a better world.

Tiny Tipis thanks you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you have been inspired to help others. Contact us to see what other charity events we will be involved in.

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