Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Carry All Your Precious Cargo Safely

Carry All Your Precious Cargo Safely

My canvas bags have been getting a lot of attention lately. People love that there is an environmentally friendly option out there with quality and durability in mind. I can also attest to how awesome these bags are. The ten ounce all natural cotton canvas is some of the best fabric I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It is strong enough to carry 40+ lbs for years, maybe even a lifetime! The handle is made from a super sturdy cotton webbing that is wide enough to prevent the strap from cutting into your skin when carrying heavy loads. The large 18"x18" bag is the perfect size for over-stuffing but isn't so big that it gets too heavy. Seriously, I own 3 of these bags and deny myself more on a regular basis. (The hubby says I don't have room for more purses.)

In case you were wondering - no, I don't carry chicks in my purse all the time. I mostly use them as totes at the farmers market, grocery bags, or a diaper bag. They've worked as picnic baskets, for carry on luggage at the airport, and as gifts! (Please note these bags are not intended to carry live animals or people.) I just thought the chickens made the photo more interesting and cute.

Here are a few more cute chicken photos:

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