Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Good Day for Roses

Roses and Canvas
I had a friend from High School drop by the other day. She noticed my roses in front were blooming and asked if she could have some. Of course I said yes.

Emily modeling a Tiny Tipis Canvas Bag
  Seeing as I didn't have a vase handy I decided to have her put her bouquet in one of my canvas bags. Hey, if it works for fresh produce why not fresh roses, right?

Fresh cut red rose being kept safe in a Tiny Tipis Market Bag
 She couldn't have picked a better day to come see me. All the rose bushes were in bloom and her yellow dress really complimented the colors.

The Tiny Tipis 10 ounce Canvas Grocery Bag even keeps flowers fresh until you get home!
Thorns aside, I think she really enjoyed getting to pick her own roses.

Emily smelling a fresh cut rose before she puts it in her new Handbag
 Even though the flowers were contained in the Canvas Tote the lovely smell was not. I wonder how long her new bag will smell like roses.

Roses just peeking out of the bag.
 Look at the smile on her face! I'm not sure what I like better, seeing someone put one of my bags to good use or enjoying my roses.

Home Grown Roses in a Tiny Tipis Canvas Bag
She grabbed a few more after I snapped this pic. I think if I let her know when the next bloom cycle comes along I'll be seeing her again.  :)

You can buy your own Tiny Tipis Canvas Bag and use it to store and carry just about anything. Sorry, roses not included.

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